Welcome to f ventures

f ventures GmbH is the consulting and holding company of Mr. Ole Fjordside

The Go-To Person for Developing and Implementing New Businesses

     My name is Ole Fjordside, I'm Danish citizen and M.Sc. in Economics & Management.

20 years of international experience within the technology and financial services sectors as consultant, corporate manager and entrepreneur is what I bring to the table. 

I work internationally as executive advisor providing network and expertise for transactions to happen across different sectors. Occasionally, I engage entrepreneurically with start-ups as co-founder, advisor and/or early stage investor.

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Helping Businesses Grow

Every day, I aim to leverage my broad and cross-functional expertise between business, finance and technology.


I help companies translate digital visions and ideas into tangibles through e.g. design thinking workshops, business model development as well as business planning and analysis. Once the concept is validated, I help develop the product and the corresponding business processes, channel partners and infrastructure with an agile approach.


Programme Management

Being one of not all too many consultants that have a deep understanding of business AND technology, I am able to take the holistic project management lead, coordinating many workstreams and stakeholders. This means aligning information requirements of investors/senior management with a goal-oriented, yet agile and motivating leadership style for operating team members and other project contributors in business and IT.


Negotiation and Business Development

I offer access to a broad practical negotiation experience from 20 years of business management which is conceptually backed by a M.Sc. in Economics & Management form one of Europe's leading universities and by education in the Harvard Negotiation Principles.

Business development I cover across the board from classical portfolio management over growth planning, to pricing and cost cutting. What particularly differentiates me is the ability to cohesively - and with a hands-on approach - deliver both on conceptualization and implemenation.


Investment Cases

From time to time, I engage as an early stage investor in technology-based companies. I also help entrepreneurs review their business models and propositions. If you have an interesting case, please don't hesitate to reach out!


f ventures GmbH

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